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Litmus Test

Well, if there's one thing this fandom needs, it's a Mary-Sue litmus test. Feel free to add anything I missed.

What's in a name? A Sue by any other title would smell just a sweet, and still have curves in all the right places.

1. Is the character named after you? (First, last or middle name, nickname or internet alias, all of these count)
- 10 points for first, last and full.
- 5 points for middle and nickname.
- 15 points for inernet alias.

2. Is the character's name something you wish you had, or something that sounds cool?
- 1 point.

3. An incorrect or alternate spelling of a more common word?
- 1 point.
- 5 points if it's Krystal, unless it's a crossover with Starfox.

4. Does your character's name relate to...
- 2 points. Gemstones, metal, and other things of that sort? (Crystal, Ruby)
- 2 points. Animals, especially cats or foxes. (Kitty, Vulpine)
- 1 point. Elements? (Shadow, Ember)
- 1 point. Any other noun-name? (Amber, Song)

Physical and Mental. [Insert witty comment on the use of the term 'mental' here.]

5. Is the character a kitsune, fire demon, Koorime, hanyou, some type of demon not mentioned in canon, or any mixture of the five?
- 2 points.
- 3 if they are half Koorime.
- 5 if they are a female forbidden child.

6. Are they a Jaganshi?
- 1 point.
- 2 points. Who has mastered the Kokuryuuha?
- 5 points. And it doesn't harm them?

7. Are they a Koorime?
- 2 points. Friends with Yukina?
- 5 points. Friends with Hiei?
- 5 points. A heterosexual Koorime?
- 7 points. Do they make romantic and/or sexual advances on Hiei, or vice versa?

8. Are they pretty, handsome, or beautiful?
- 1 point.
- 3 points. Is this mentioned upon her appearance?
- 5 points. Does the author repeat this fact every chapter or so?
- 5 points. In great detail?
- 7 points. Does a canon character fall for her at first sight?
- 3 points. Is it Kuwa or Yusuke, and are they bashed?
- 5 points. Is it Hiei?

9. Do they have mood-ring eyes? If they are human, do they have red, gold, silver, or purple eyes?
- Three points.

10. Do they have oddly-colored hair for a human? Impractically long hair for their profession, such as waist-length hair for a thief who sneaks through forests, or bright silver hair on an assassain who needs to hide in the shadows? Does the hair otherwise defy nature? Does it change color?
- 4 points?

Subtracting Points

1. Two points. Is the character's name something inelegant, such as Gertrude or Bob?

2. Two points. Does their hair often look like a rat's nest, an oil slick, or otherwise unattractive?

3. One point? Are they overweight?
- Three points. Really overweight?
- Five points. As in folds of fat?

4. Are they underweight in an unattractive way?
- Two points.

I've gotta see this...

Carrying over from Adding Points, Question Five:
If it involves Hiei and a trip to Jusenkyo, subract five points and send it to yyh_fanfic and dementedyyhfans.

Carrying over from Adding Points, Question Seven:
Does she make romantic and/or sexual advances on Yukina?
Subtract one point and show the story to reikaisues, yyhsues, and possibly yyhyuri.

Yes, it isn't complete. I'll work on it.
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