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Monday, December 27th, 2004
8:06 pm
Oh god, she's at it again, pmastamonkmonk is making yet MORE suefics.

Pmasta's live journal entry:

I've wrapped myself in a new fic I'm writing. It's called "Father of the Demon".

Basically, Koenma used to hang around the human world in his teen form before he worked for the Reikai, and was best friends with this one human named Shirinai Tsukino. They parted ways when Koenma got the job behind the desk, Shirinai going off to have a family and stuff, and they caught ties later on (Koenma still in his teen form in a house he had in Tokyo, for strictly business purposes >_>;;) and Botan showed up. Koenma excused himself to talk to her, she told him some grim news, and he freaked out, poofing into his tiny form. Shirinai came out looking for him, saw Botan holding the mini Koenma and inquired. Thinking fast, Botan said that she was Koenma's wife and that mini-Koenma was their son and Koenma had run back inside.

Now, Koenma's in a jam. His friend Shirinai wanted to come visit and get reacquainted with the family. One problem: he doesn't have the son Shirinai thinks he has. (Shirinai doesn't know he's from the Reikai, just so you know). So, he hires one of the tantei to do it. After losing many rounds of Janken, Koenma finally promises Hiei his freedom for posing as his son for the duration of Shirinai and his two children's stay. Hiei agrees. (I always use that when I need to have Koenma make Hiei do something, the freedom... even after the beginning of the Sensui saga where he gets it...)

Anywho, the tantei are expecting two sons. Kanji, 19 or 20 (I forgot how old I made him at the beginning), and Rei, 16. When they show up, Rei is a girl... who fights Yusuke and both get whipped. It's discovered that the two children are from a Yakuza family and have been trained to fight by the Yakuza. Then, to add insult to injury for Hiei, Botan and Koenma make him go to school (dun dun dun), with Yusuke and Kuwabara. Rei tags along, not having been in school since she was little (her Uncle Yukito and father took her and Kanji when they were little until then for training across Asia).

Rei and Kanji have made themselves some enemies, though. First one is Orichi, a boy who is in love with Rei and who wants to kill Kanji to win her hand (don't ask, I was being a retard). Kanji beats him and sends him on his merry way. Next is Hiroshi, a boy Rei pissed off and then beat the everloving shit out of when he tried to slice 'n' dice her. Now he has to kill her out of honor, but he always loses and gets his ass whupped, in fact, he is absolutely terrified of her "evil side". He thinks that she is "cursed", having read far too much Ranma 1/2 manga while stalking her, and when she gets splashed with water she goes completely nuts and starts getting homicidal.

The next is a girl named Rika who has been Rei's rival since childhood and wants to kill her for always being better than her. Rei goes into a rage when Rika starts hitting her harshly, then goes completely brutal on the girl. After instructing Kuwabara and Yusuke to take her to the nurse, she pretty much collapses in a dizzy spell of exhaustion and pain from the wounds she acquired in the fight.

That's as far as I've gotten, but I doubt there will be a pairing in this fic. Just kinda funny fic, really. (Can't wait for their mom and Uncle to show back up, though, got such a great idea for that...)

Oh, and while all this is happening, Koenma and Shirinai sit and watch "the game", every single one of them Koenma missed while working, and getting drunk of their god darn arses. Koenma drunk. I would PAY to see that... sloshed Koenma...

Ah well, I've gotta get started on the tree, tell me what you think of the fic and if you want to read the full thing, I'm still working on the bastard... got a while to go, actually...
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
11:34 pm
pmastamonkmonk has a lot of sue fics, so many sue fics with same self insert. check binkymagic for the full report, she even has an entire deviantart account with said sue, details and links to said sue content are there, lots of examples.
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
9:18 pm
Several years ago, when I had just started watching Yu Yu Hakusho, I decided to see what the fandom had in the way of fanfiction. Naturally, the first place I checked was ffdotnet. At that point, I had two main things I looked for in YYH fanfic: Humor and Darkfic. So, I clicked on categories, scrolled to angst (also horror, mystery, spiritual, and suspense, but that's beside the point), and tapped return. It came up with about two or three pages. I was a bit disappointed, but read what little they had, but it more than satisfied my hunger. Mysterious killers, murderous Yukinas, and just plain old deathfic, all but a few written in a way that caused the hair on the back of my neck to raise in horrified delight...

A few days ago, I remembered an old fanfiction that I had read (and reread several times) back then. I couldn't recall the title or the author, only the basic summary and the category. Figuring the angst section would have still be relatively small, I began my search, and was horrified. My beloved section of blood, gore, and tears had been swamped by a smothering morass of seething black ook. Obviously, this is a metaphor. The actual so-called 'angst fics' basically consisted of:

'a new gurl joins the detcives & falls 4 heie but he doesnt luv her back so she becums gothik & kills hurself'

No, I'm serious. This bull product represents three-quarters of the angst section. The rest appears to be bad slash, bad het, twinfic, Kuwa-angst, and a few misc. subjects. Good fic appears among these about one time out of fifty, if that.

Let us now have a moment of silence for the corrupted angst section.

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
2:58 pm
A YYH Sue...An old one, but...

I read this once, and I it, so I'm putting it here. >_>;;

Story Or Series Title: Songs of a Golden Comb<
<B>Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho</B>
<B><STRIKE>Culprit</STRIKE> Author's Name: Starlights</B>

<B>Full Name (plus titles if any): Atae Shikazu</B>
<B>Full Species(es): a "young youkai neko"</B>
<B>Hair Color (include adjectives): "
Her long light-brown tresses tied into a long ponytail trailing down her back. Lengthy, untidy bangs framed her face."</B>
<B>Eye Color (include adjectives): "
The pupil of her blue eyes narrowed in slits much like a cat and it appear to glow with unnatural radiance."</B>
<B>Unusual Markings/Colorations: "
A pair of white furry ears stood erect on top of her head" and fangs.</B>
<B>Special Possessions (if any): "
a golden comb. Gems of seven different colors and stunning swirling patterns were engraved on it."</B>
<B>Annoying Origin: a clan princess</B>
<B>Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She knew Kurama when he was still a thief.</B>
<B>Annoying Special Abilities: "
"Most members of the youkai neko species has the powers to manipulate nigen ki, causing the victim to become zombies. Their own ki, on the other hand increases. By increasing their ki level, they'll be better prepared for the civil war to come within the clan." Atae answered "we need to smooth this out, so that no more unnecessary occurs""
<B>Other Annoying Traits: Everyone likes her. >__></B>

<B>Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:</B>


Follow Your Nose...Collapse )

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1:19 pm
Litmus Test
Well, if there's one thing this fandom needs, it's a Mary-Sue litmus test. Feel free to add anything I missed.

Read more...Collapse )

Yes, it isn't complete. I'll work on it.

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:56 pm
And a new journal is born: yyh_sues. All hail the power of the spork. I shall now go forth in search of the Sue.
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